Are You Ready To Lead A More Vibrant Life?

Let’s transform your health with a personalized game plan to address your wellness challenges so you can finally heal and live life to its fullest.

Tired of feeling fatigued and not getting better?

Have you already sought out the help of your primary care doctor and even a naturopathic doctor, but still feeling drained, frustrated and sick despite following their treatment plan?

Many health care practitioners just skim the surface, but we go deeper so that we can give you the proper care you need that restores balance and optimal health.

We have a unique method, by first finding hidden illness with cutting cutting edge diagnostics, then pairing those findings with gentle synergistic healing treatments covering everything from lifestyle recommendations, nutrition and mindset shifts.

What To Expect When You Join Our Tribe

Your program visits include clinical case review appointments, lifestyle and nutrition consultations, and lab results reviews. The type of appointments will be customized to your personal needs.

Your program length may vary from 8-12 months. Continuing care options are available after you have completed your Warrior Program. Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultations are with a health and lifestyle coach.

6 Appointments with Dr. Madeira & 4 visits with Corrine, a Functional medicine health coach & dietician:

  • Initial Consultation – 120 minutes
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation – 60 minutes
  • Lab Results Review – 60 minutes
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation – 60 minutes
  • Flex Appointment – 60 minutes (any time, any service)
  • Clinical Follow Up – 60 minutes
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation – 60 minutes
  • Flex Appointment – 60 minutes (any time, any service)
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition Consultation – 60 minutes
  • Graduation: Clinical Case Review – 75 minutes

Listen To Our Patients Success Stories


“I gained more energy, lost weight, and even started my modeling career that was on the back-burner for too long.”


“Dr. Madeira saved my life. Heart disease is a huge problem in my family, I thought it was just my destiny to struggle, but with Dr. Madeira help I was able balance cholesterol levels and get out red zone.”

Our personalized Functional Medicine Approach

You will also learn how to sustain optimal health even after you complete the program. It is our highest priority to prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to heal yourself and re-engineer your lifestyle.

A Simple & Easy-To-Follow Program

Our team will fully support you on your health journey, including dealing with any hidden illness, how to eat and sleep better, and how to upgrade lifestyle practices overall. At no point will you feel alone or on your own, we’ll be there every step of the way and you will receive hands-on, compassionate coaching to learn the benefits of taking full responsibility for your health and wellness

Master Key Life Skills

The Apollo Health Method is innovative because we implement cutting edge lifestyle practices used by all the “in the know” health experts, top level execs, and athletes to gain their competitive edge. But anyone ready to change their health can use these practices too, not only to get rid of fatigue, but feel more vibrant and enjoy a longer, richer life. We believe that the true value of our services starts when you leave the office and apply what you’ve learned in your daily life to lead your best life starting today.

By empowering you along the way, we’re able to help you optimize your metabolism which means better energy, easier weight loss, looking and feeling younger, and being more connected to your partner and your family. Our goal is to help you get healthier, faster and in the long run, empower you to use the tools to be “independently healthy”
The test results may seem complex, but the practitioner is here for you, to decode them all and provide you with the integrated picture of where you are with your health currently, resulting in the most personalized plan to recharge and get your life back on track.

Lab Testing Then Holistic Support

This gives us a clearer analysis of exactly what’s happening with the crucial parts of your body including your gut health and digestion, health at the cellular level, hormone balance, how efficiently your brain is working, and even how your body uniquely creates fuel from food, including your metabolism. Your lab results are a picture in time, like a photograph, of what is happening in the major organ systems of the body. They may not tell the full story of what is going on in the big picture of overall health, especially if they are standard conventional tests, like blood tests. With our method, we do a deeper dive using more updated diagnostic testing that are not used in standard medicine.

Support Along the Journey

Getting support during this process is essential to keep you on the road towards success. Not only do we provide you with regular health-coaching sessions with a certified holistic health coach, but we’ll also teach you how to support yourself with mindset tools, without turning your life upside down. You don’t have to give up the things you love, like enjoying evenings out with friends, dining out, travel and family festivities, we teach the right way to do it.

You’ll also have access to our Facebook group, of people just like you, on the same healing journey to cheer you on and give you additional moral support as needed. Our clients who have had massive success in the program still do all the things they love, just in a different way, by tweaking their routines and eating habits, so that they can meet their health goals while enjoying all the great things life has to offer.

Our Programs

What Our Patients Have To Say


“I lost 8 pounds in 5

Within 3 years Amber had gained a substantial amount of weight and noticed her energy was quite low. Once Amber realized her substantial weight gain, she began exercising and making changes in her diet. With her lifestyle changes she still did not see or feel a difference with her weight and with her energy level. And Amber’s doctors told Amber that her hormones were normal, and yet she did not feel like everything was normal.

Dr. Samuel Madeira took the time to listen to all her symptoms and her history, before deciphering a life plan both he and Amber agreed with. Immediately starting her treatment with Dr. Samuel Madeira, Amber saw a significant difference in her energy, within the first 3 months of treatment she had lost 8 pounds! She is quite ecstatic about her results, both physically and internally.


“I feel like I’m alive again… Dr. Madeira saved my life!”

Greg was gearing up to have a baby and noticed his energy level was quite low, after 5 months of natural treatment Greg had already felt a dramatic shift in his energy.

Dr. Samuel Madeira did hormone testing to decipher what was causing Greg’s consistently low energy. With the hormone testing he found Greg dysregultion in cortisol and recommended lifestyle changes, sleep changes, diet changes, supplement changes, which in 5 months dramatically impacted Greg’s energy level, he feels alive again.

Dr. Samuel Madeira along with treating Greg for his known ailments, additionally ran other functional medicine tests and found Greg had cardiovascular disease brewing under the surface of his fatigue. Greg is quite grateful for Dr. Samuel Madeira’s detection and convinced no medical doctor would have noticed any discrepancies with his cardiovascular health since they don’t test for them.

Greg is grateful for Dr. Samuel Madeira’s expertise and highly recommends Dr. Samuel Madeira to improve an individuals health and future.


“He helped keep my energy levels up during my pregnancy”

Dr. Madeira is a very thorough, caring provider that truly cares about disease prevention and identifying the root cause of a problem. In my case, he helped me keep my energy levels up throughout my pregnancy.  I felt great! If you want to maintain good health, or treat an issue naturally, I highly recommend Apollo Health Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?

You can apply through Advanced Care Card for financing your program of choice at Apollo Health Clinic. It takes 5-7 business days to process your application so please make sure you apply 10 days prior to your initial visit with us. For all other questions on financing please contact Advanced Care card via phone Monday – Friday during their office hours Eastern Standard Time (EST): 1 (800) 432-9470.

Key points about financing

  • Credit score must be 660 or above
  • Takes 5-7 business days to receive your card
  • You must be screened & approved for care by Dr. Madeira prior via a Discovery call prior to scheduling a first visit & applying for the Advanced Care Card. We want to make sure we are the best fit to work with each other before we both invest our time & resources in helping you reach your health goals, and optimal wellness.

Your first visit at Apollo Health Clinic is $350 and 60-90 minutes. This is essentially a deposit on your program. If you have further questions about your financial investment in your health please call our clinic.

Do you accept insurance?

Insurance was created by hospitals for people to afford their services. It was not designed for aiding us all in optimal wellness.  The Apollo Health Clinic does not a participant in Medicare or insurance plans. You may request the attending physician’s statement of diagnosis or services provided to you, which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement of the treatment cost, as may be provided your my insurance plan. Apollo Health Clinic does not guarantee that you will receive reimbursement from your insurance carrier. When you sign for your plan, you are stating you understand that the Apollo Health Clinic is not contracted with any health insurance companies.

Can I just get testing done?

No, since it is imperitive that we interpret the labs and then guide and help you along on the journey to change your lifestyle, diet, and prescribe the highest quality and safest natural and prescription medications to get you well. Without a caring and knowledgable expert guide along this journey most people simply get overwhelmed, frustrated, and give up. You wouldn’t just climb Mt. Rainier for the first time without a guide and proper training.

Do you offer a family discount?

There is no discount for families since we do not treat children at Apollo Health Clinic. We offer adult functional medicine and naturopathic medicine care.

What happens when the program is over?

When the program is over we have an annual wellness membership for patients to continue that is $1,750 for 1 hour visits every 3 months for 1 year (4 visits per year). This wellness program can be renewed after the year is finished. To learn more about it call our clinic for a discovery call.

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