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Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) at Apollo Health Clinic

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At Apollo Health Clinic, we test men’s hormone levels using comprehensive state-of-the-art blood and urine hormone testing to assess and treat low testosterone levels in men, also known as hypogonadism or andropause.

As part of our Essentials Program, when medically necessary, we may prescribe low-dose bio-identical testosterone to restore true testosterone deficiencies with a comprehensive and holistic treatment plan superior to “low T” clinics. Instead of this for-that-approach, quick fix, band-aid, allopathic medicine partial solution approach, we offer you the most comprehensive care including advanced diagnostic testing for your complete health. This offers you individualized long-term solutions. We will work with you to find and treat the cause of your low testosterone and only when necessary we will prescribe a safe low dose of bio-identical testosterone.

When you have been diagnosed with low testosterone this means your testicles simply are not producing enough testosterone anymore. This can be nerve-wracking for some men to admit, and yet it can occur at almost any age in the adult male. There can be several causes.

The benefits of restoring testosterone levels are clear and supported by modern medical research to be both cardioprotective and neuroprotective for long-term health. (You must be signed up for our Essentials Program to be eligible for any prescription medications including testosterone. We do NOT just see patients for only 1-2 visits).

By replacing deficient levels of testosterone, adult males can feel more alert, energetic, mentally cognizant, and sexually functional. Most men come simply feel tired and lack the sexual energy, cardiovascular stamina, and strength they had years before their health took a turn for the worst. However, without careful guidance and professional treatment, these patients may face higher risks of cardiac problems if administered low-dose testosterone without proper guidance by a highly skilled physician in this sub-specialty of endocrinology. This is why all male patients are screened for cardiovascular disease risk biomarkers (internal link to Cardiovascular Disease page here) with a blood test prior to beginning Testosterone Therapy at Apollo Health Clinic. Your safety will always come first.



Why Dr. Samuel Madeira for your Male Hormone Health?

Dr. Madeira has seen over 4,500 male patients for hormone imbalance and low testosterone and adrenal hormone problems. He treats not only low testosterone, but screens his patients for low thyroid, adrenal, and life-saving advanced cardiovascular testing for his patients, gastrointestinal health conditions as well as micronutrient deficiencies and mitochondrial health biomarkers. His aim is to find and treat the cause of your low hormone levels and he pledges not to stop working for you until every stone has been left overturned. His colleagues consult with him regularly for his clinical hormone health expertise. And frankly, his approach is safe and effective, and you will get results.


The Medicine: Compounded Testosterone

Typically at Apollo Health Clinic, Dr. Madeira prescribes compounded testosterone cypionate or propionate, which are compounded in a licensed compounding pharmacy and injected intramuscularly into the gluteus medius or thighs twice per week, or injected subcutaneously twice per week typically, or applied as a topical compounded cream or gel. All testosterone prescribed at Apollo Health Clinic is bio-identical, meaning similar to your endogenous molecule of testosterone, and from an FDA 503B Registered PCAB Accredited compounding pharmacy, making it a safe and effective treatment.

Testosterone itself is anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory, increasing brain and heart health as well as sexual health, musculoskeletal health, and energy levels.


Signs of Low Testosterone in Men

      • Depression / Anxiety

      • Compromised self-confidence

      • Trouble concentrating

      • Disturbed sleep

      • Lowered sex drive

      • Difficulty sustaining or achieving an erection (erectile dysfunction)

      • Use of Viagra, Levitra or other PDE5 inhibitors (past or present)

      • Decreased muscle or bone mass

      • Increased body fat

      • Fatigue – decreased energy and endurance

      • Flushing/hot flashes

      • Swollen, tender, or enlarged breasts (gynecomastia)

      • Lower work performance

      • Decreased exercise or sports performance

      • Joint Pains and Inflammation

    Testosterone Quiz

    1. Take this short quiz to find out if you have signs of low testosterone. (Please Insert yes or no boxes)
    2. Do you experience less enjoyment in your life than you did 6-12 months ago?
    3. Do you suffer from lower confidence?
    4. Is it hard to stay on task during the day, concentrate, and focus?
    5. Do you wake up well-rested? Do you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep?
    6. Do you have decreased interest in sex? Do you have sex less than 1 time per week?
    7. Is it difficult for you to sustain or achieve an erection?
    8. Have you taken Viagra or similar medications to achieve an erection recently?
    9. Are you suffering from Osteoporosis or osteopenia? Or frequent bone fractures?
    10. Are you struggling with weight loss and especially excess body fat or abdominal fat?
    11. Do you run out of energy before the day runs out? Can you function without caffeine during your busiest days?
    12. Do you ever have night sweats or hot flashes?
    13. Do you have tender or enlarged breasts?
    14. If applicable: are you unable to crush it & maintain higher performance productivity at work?
    15. Are you too tired to exercise when you want to? Have you stopped going to the gym, or playing sports you used to enjoy?
    16. Do you fall asleep on your couch or bed after or before dinner?


    Is Testosterone replacement therapy for you?

    The answer is, it could be. Together we will decide with the most advanced diagnostic testing what treatments are indicated, safest, and going to be most effective for your health and longevity. Andropause can happen for men at almost any adult age for multiple reasons. After seeing thousands of men with low testosterone Dr. Madeira can say for a fact that men who have gone through puberty after 1980 consistently had lower testosterone than many men who were older. This is most likely because of the toxins in our environment, air, food, and water supply. With comprehensive intake, laboratory testing, and evaluation we will see what’s medically necessary for your complete health and longevity.

    If you suffer from Type 2 Diabetes with two or more of the following symptoms mentioned in the testosterone quiz then you most likely have low testosterone, and should schedule a discovery call with Dr. Madeira.


    How come my primary care medical doctor can’t do this?

    Most family medical doctors do not know about the safety of testosterone therapy, and many urologists have been misled by poor research designs dating back to 1941, which erroneously declared that testosterone therapy caused prostate cancer when actually it was high estrogen levels in the body and their carcinogenic metabolites interacting with the specific estrogen hormone receptors that aid in the multifactorial cause of prostate cancer in men (it’s much more complicated than this but the receptors and the correct ratio of testosterone to estradiol is crucial). Many physicians do not understand testosterone and are still testosterone-phobic because of the research by Huggins and Hodges (Cancer Res 1941;1:293–297) in 1941 which claimed testosterone triggered the beginnings of prostate cancer. I recommend reading more here about this if you are interested and reading the resources below. Testosterone has been misunderstood for over 70 years now because of this research. 



    Dr. Madeira has seen many patients from doctors who are not prescribing testosterone at the correct dosage, or correct dosage frequency. And many doctors who administer TRT to male patients are not checking other cardiometabolic markers such as fasting insulin, and inflammation markers. Many low-T clinics out there do not address lifestyle, sleep, nutrition, and exercise with patients, or other root causes of why their patients have low testosterone in the first place.




    If you suffer from the following or have any of the below diagnoses then you should not receive testosterone therapy:

      • Class III or IV Heart Failure

      • If you have a PSA blood test greater than 3 ng/ml without further evaluation to rule out prostate diseases (Generally speaking, prostate exams are recommended prior to beginning TRT and every year during TRT for men >45 years old).

      • Kidney disease

      • Liver Disease

      • Untreated Sleep Apnea (please get a sleep study and use a C-PAP machine prior to TRT).

      • Severe lower urinary tract symptoms

      • A hematocrit greater than 50% or thick, viscous blood

      • Prostate or breast cancers

      • If your testosterone levels are higher than 550 ng/dL in your blood on a range of 250 – 1,200 ng/dL for total testosterone then this therapy is contraindicated for you as well.

    What’s different about TRT at Apollo Health Clinic?

    Since a small number of men experience side effects associated with testosterone supplementation, Dr. Madeira has created a specialized, unique, safe, and effective method of delivering treatment to get the best results safely from TRT without side effects. He has developed this holistic and comprehensive treatment plan after seeing a sub-group of men in a large treatment cohort who were unresponsive to the one-size-fits-all approach of TRT offered by many other low-T clinics.

    Therefore, all risk factors, genetic variants for clotting disorders and beyond, gastrointestinal stool testing, urine organic acids, urine heavy metals and mold toxins testing, liver health & metabolism, kidney function, cardiovascular health, and micronutrient deficiencies are all tested, analyzed, interpreted, and treated appropriately prior to and during TRT treatment for optimal health outcomes, and safety. (Testing is an extra charge so we will test what is medically necessary on a case-by-case basis. We treat you, the patient). The outcomes our patient’s experience are increased strength & endurance, sexual benefits – more drive, harder erections, more frequent erections, increased energy for work, play, and sex, and better mental focus and energy.



    Sources & recommended reading for all prospective and current TRT patients:

      • A List of Antiandrogens in your environment and from medications causing low testosterone.



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