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Founder, Medical Director, Physician

Samuel Madeira, ND, BSc.

DR. Madeira is an experienced and knowledgeable naturopathic doctor who is passionate about helping his patients achieve optimal health and wellness. It is his mission and passion to guide his patients to maintain a state of health and vitality by finding their unique root cause and identifying a transformative path to healing. He uses a combination of botanical medicine, peptide therapies, BHRT, heart rate variability (HRV), nutrition, and mindfulness practices to help his patients achieve their health goals, and has seen consistently positive results in his patients.


Additionally, he is a respected member of the Endocrinology Association of Naturopathic Physicians (EndoANP), National Association of Environmental Medicine (NAEM), Montana State Naturopathic Physicians (MANP), Florida Naturopathic Physicians (FNPA) & active on the FNPA Fundraising Committee, and he was voted a top Naturopathic Doctor in Seattle, WA in 2019 by his medical colleagues in the Seattle metro area.

He has received other certifications and extra training in environmental medicine and integrative medicine through Dr. Paul Anderson, NMD, Dr. Klinghardt, MD, Ph.D.,’s Klinghardt Institute in 2011, and he completed a mold illness literacy certification training via Dr. Jill Crista, NMD’s online mold mycotoxin course, in May 2022, and completed David Winston’s Herbal Studies 2-year herbal medicine course in September 2022 (~ 400 hours).


He has lectured internationally and has recorded hours of podcasts on his podcast called, The Dr. Madeira Show. You can find it on all podcast audio platforms. And has hosted herbal medicine and wellness retreats at SpiritWorks Retreat Center, in Whitefish, Montana.


Overall, Dr. Madeira is a dedicated, thoughtful physician, who truly cares about helping his patients achieve optimal health and wellness. He focuses primarily on working with highly motivated adults to optimize their wellness and prevent chronic illnesses with a specialty in functional endocrinology conditions like hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, menopause, perimenopause & related hormone conditions with a root cause and synergistic approach.


He enjoys time with his dog, Odin, and family, outdoors in the solitude of nature, traveling, and writing.

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“I had been dealing with intense pain and discomfort due to an SI Joint injury, for 3+ years. I have seen every specialist imaginable, cortisone shots etc. and received little to no relief. I decided to see Dr. Madeira to see if Prolotherapy Injections might help me. Prior to my Prolotherapy Injections, I could not walk or stand for more than 5 minutes without experiencing stabbing and intense pain. I am delighted to report, I am now able to walk and stand for as long as I wish! Dr. Madeira is informative, receptive, responsive and truly cares about your health and well being. I highly recommend Apollo Health Clinic!”

Mike Happy Patient

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