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What the heck is Pregnenolone? AND why it matters for your health!

Pregnenolone is the hormone for men and women which is converted into all other hormones from cholesterol through several biochemical pathways. Some call it the “grandmother hormone” or “grandfather hormone” since it is a reservoir for your steroid hormone synthesis and without adequate pregnenolone levels it’s hard to make enough of your other hormones.

For mostly healthy men and women, under age 35 years-old supplementing with Pregnenolone may be more effective at increasing other down stream androgens like DHEA & Testosterone, which has become deficient in even these younger populations in the past 30 years more than ever before in history. However, for men & women older than 35+, supplementing with Pregnenolone and even DHEA-sulfate capsules alone usually is NOT sufficient to improve truly deficient androgen levels (DHEA & Testosterone).

Symptoms of low pregnenolone are consistently minor memory loss, such as you can’t remember where you put things like your car keys or maybe even peoples’ names you met recently, or certain items on a grocery list, and anxiety is another common symptom.

Pregnenolone deficiency signs & symptoms:

  • Anxiety 
  • Mild-Moderate Memory Loss
  • Cognitive Decline 
  • A Concussion history 
  • Improving Energy 
  • Combating Depression
  • Lowering High Cholesterol

Restoring pregnenolone to optimal levels is a crucial step for people to have comprehensive hormone optimization and especially for men & women who have been on testosterone optimization therapy for some time. It has also been found to help with neuronal functions, cognitive function, memory, mood (anxiety & depression), and alertness, and much more.

If you have been on testosterone therapy (exogenous testosterone) for a while you would benefit from getting your pregnenolone levels checked and then if they are low optimizing your pregnenolone while continuing testosterone therapy.

Please schedule an appointment with me if you want to optimize your hormone health including but not limited to pregnenolone levels.

Here’s the link to apply for a free discovery call with me.

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