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Nettles For Male Vitality

Urtica dioica, commonly referred to as Stinging Nettles or simply Nettles, is a perennial herb native to the moist, shaded forests of Europe and North America. It can be found quite easily at low-to-middle-elevations, thanks to its stinging hairs. The hairs, which contain formic acid, also found in fire ants, are just one aspect of why this plant should be in your medicine cabinet.[i]

Nettles are high in protein, iron, trace minerals, fat and chlorophyll.[ii] The high protein content makes it a great choice for vegetarians to eat as a potherb in the spring when the leaflets first are fresh for harvest.

Nettle leaf, root and seed offer surprising benefits to ailments for the 21st century man. According to recent statistics from the CDC, Gout, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular disease are primarily indigenous to men. Nettle is great for these conditions and others afflicting men. Dr. John Sherman writes in The Complete Prescriber that it can be used safely and effectively for cystitis, impotence, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia, cardiac edema, and mild-to-severe cases of decompensated heart conditions.[iii]

Specifically, the leaves can be used in extracts internally for hay fever (encapsulated freeze-dried nettle leaf is ideal), asthma, gouty arthritis, and edema. It is also used as a classic spring tonic[iv], rejuvenator, and vitality inducer.[v]

The root is used in modern herbal medicine for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostatitis[vi]. It is often combined with Saw Palmetto fruit in herbal supplements for this condition, although it may be used by itself for BPH.[vii] The seed is used in botanical formulas for kidney diseases, nephritis, energy tonic formulas, and pyelonephritis.[viii]

Nettle exhibits aromatase[ix] inhibition in men suffering from andropause[x] with hyperaromatization (with an elevation in serum estrogen and decreases in free testosterone and serum total testosterone levels), which I have observed in many patients. Nettle helps elevate serum free testosterone levels by dissociating it from a carrier protein, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. These may be a few of the mechanisms responsible for Nettles’ vitality and libido improving benefits in men.

Chronic pain is a common ailment among men. Nettles offer both internal and external pain relief potential for men who suffer from stubborn aches and pains. Traditionally, the whole plant was harvested for urtication therapy[xi] around the affected joint or on the skin nearest to the under functioning or diseased organs. The formic acid in the nettles stinging hairs is released into the dermis layers of the skin creating a localized inflammatory reaction calling immune cells and increased blood flow to help heal the joint or affected organ. The urtication treatment stings for 1-3 days and can offer potential pain relief for up to 1-week.[xii] It helps decrease inflammation and stiffness in the joints and stimulates activity of the target organs. Consider urtication therapy for arthritis, gout, lumbago, sciatica, joint sprains and strains, and sore muscles.

After a brief survey of the uses for nettle root, leaf, and seed, now you can use it during the winter months to keep you energetic and healthy for the holidays into the spring. It is a safe-and-easy-to-use medicine. It is great to harvest and cook in your foods in the spring, and even juice and a key addition to your medicine cabinet.


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The original article was published at the Wish Garden Herb blog. You can read it at http://wishgardenherbs.com/blog/2660/health-benefits-cinnamon.


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Nettles For Male Vitality

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