Existing Patients

We welcome our existing patients to have access to your patient portal & direct doctor-patient messaging tech via our website.

Continue Your Journey Back To Health

Patient-Doctor Communication

Apollo Health Clinic offers current patients phone and video visits if they cannot make it into the clinic in Seattle. We are here to accommodate your busy schedule.

If you need to reach Dr. Madeira, make sure you call the clinic or message him directly using the Spruce Health app. Spruce Health is a HIPAA compliant messaging app, so you can stay connected with Dr. Madeira for quick questions and receive secure scheduling links to plan your next visit.

DO NOT EMAIL or message us for same-day appointments as we cannot guarantee you a timely response. We will always do our best to accommodate our your needs. 


Please be aware we cannot guarantee you will receive last-minute appointment time within a 48-hour time of your desired visit. So plan ahead! Please call before coming in, and set a realistic time so that you can make it on time. When requesting an appointment for an urgent matter, you should CALL the office.
You may request an appointment via your Cerbo MD-HQ patient portal. We will approve your appointment based upon availability.

Patient Portal

Also, if you need to access your patient portal and secure patient medical records with Cerbo MD-HQ patient portal.

Testimonials From Patients

“I have had wonderful results working with Dr. Madeira. I am a CrossFitter who had an extreme ankle injury due to being hit with a barbell. I have also been struggling with a cervical disc herniation. I have been seeing Dr. Madeira for prolotherapy injections. As a physical therapist, I feel that Dr. Maderia and I are on the same page when it comes to rehab. Fix the culprit, not just the symptoms. He is a wonderful practitioner, full of compassion and knowledge and happy to share with his patients. I have learned so much and am feeling so much better. Not only will I continue as a patient, but I will recommend his services to my patients as well!” – Sarah