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There’s one reason why Apollo Health Clinic has become a premier hormone optimization clinic on the West Coast of the United States is Dr. Samuel Madeira’s advanced functional medicine, botanical medicine, and hormone therapy approach.

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Testimonials From Patients

“Dr. Madeira listened to what I had to say … from the get-go I felt like this was different … I had a lot more energy. In one month, I’ve lost 8 lbs!”

Within 3 years Amber had gained a substantial amount of weight and noticed her energy was quite low. Once Amber realized her substantial weight gain, she began exercising and making changes in her diet. With her lifestyle changes she still did not see or feel a difference with her weight and with her energy level. Amber then sought professional medical doctors to help determine her current health and to make recommendations on what she should do differently for a more substantial shift in energy and health. The doctors told Amber she was in the lower range normal and everything was functioning properly but she did not feel like everything was normal.

Amber did her research and found Dr. Samuel Madeira, a Naturopathic physician. He took the time to listen to all her symptoms and her history, before deciphering a life plan both he and Amber agreed with. Immediately starting her treatment with Dr. Sam Madeira, Amber saw a significant difference in her energy, within 1 month of treatment she had lost 8 pounds! She is quite ecstatic about her results, both physically and internally.

“My energy has been dramatically improved! … I feel like I’m alive again… I feel like Dr. Madeira has saved my life!”

Greg was gearing up to have a baby and noticed his energy level was quite low, he enlisted the help of Seattle’s leading physician in Naturopathic health Dr. Samuel Madeira, in May of 2016. 5 months later his baby was born and since beginning his treatment, Greg has already felt a dramatic shift in his energy.

Dr. Samuel Madeira did hormone testing to decipher what was causing Greg’s consistently low energy. With the hormone testing he found Greg lacked in cortisol and recommended lifestyle changes, sleep changes, diet changes, supplement changes, which in 5 months dramatically impacted Greg’s energy level, he feels alive again. Dr. Samuel Madeira along with treating Greg for his known ailments, additionally ran other wellness tests and found Greg had minor cardiovascular issues. These minor cardiovascular issues in Greg detected by Dr. Samuel Madeira’s tests, overtime would have been a life threatening issue, Greg is quite grateful for Dr. Samuel Madeira’s detection and convinced no medical doctor would have noticed any discrepancies with his cardiovascular health.

Greg is grateful for Dr. Sam Madeira’s expertise and highly recommends Dr. Sam Madeira to improve an individuals health and future.