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New Patient Application

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What are your BIGGEST obstacles to achieving your health goals? (for example, this could include - money, time, lack of knowledge, chronic fatigue, energy, clarity, don't know how to cook your own meals, etc.)
Are you willing to invest $3K-$6K for medical solutions to restore your health?(Required)
Please view our membership programs menu for the exact pricing of our offerings. Memberships do not include the costs of lab testing, supplements, or medications.
Will you be compliant with getting advanced blood, urine and/or stool testing done?(Required)
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How much do you know about our clinic?(Required)
How much do you know about our clinic?
Please review our membership offerings prior to your phone call.
I understand that Dr. Madeira is licensed in as a Naturopathic Physician and can prescribe with limited prescription abilities, we do not prescribe opiates.(Required)
Dr. Madeira and his functional medicine team utilize natural medicines, herbal medicines, nutrition, and advanced lab testing (urine, stool, nasal swabs, blood) to assess patients' health and wellness status beyond hormones and hormone replacement therapy.
I understand Dr. Sam Madeira is not contracted with any health insurance companies.(Required)
We do not bill insurance. We are a membership clinic. Patients can utilize their HSA cards. We accept all forms of payment.
If you are NOT the sole financial decision maker please confirm your spouse, significant other, or parent(s), etc. will be on the Discovery Call or at the Meet and Greet visit with you:(Required)
I am looking for a doctor and wellness team to help me with 1 or 3 of the following:(Required)
*NOTE: If you write none of the above please write what you are looking for help and guidance with in the large box above so we can confirm we are the best clinic for your wellness goals.
I am looking for a integrative medicine doctor and wellness team to help me with 1 or 3 of the following:
*NOTE: If you write none of the above please write what you are looking for help and guidance with in the large box above so we can confirm we are the best clinic for your wellness goals.
Yes, please put me on your waiting list for:
Chose one or all if you are interested. Will be offering in my Whitefish, Montana location and possibly another location in the future. Stay tuned!
I acknowledge that the New Patient Interview Call does not esteblish a patient Doctor relationship(Required)
I acknowledge and understand the Apollo Health Clinic Membership Pricing(Required)
The Basecamp Membership Program with nutrition and health coaching only is $1,500. The other programs start at $2,500 (1st month), then $500 per month thereafter, and go up from there. Checking this box confirms that you have reviewed the membership programs and agreed to the pricing laid out there.

  • 20-minutes $50
    The new patient interview is for you to see if this transformational process is a good fit for your wellness goals at this time. This new patient interview is a paid phone conversation and not a medical visit or consultation. This is your opportunity to ask questions about how this process works at Apollo Health Clinic.

    $50 Appointment will be accepted when a valid Credit Card has been added to your patient portal

    • After the initial foundation phase (months 1 – 6), patients will enter the Intensive or Non-intensive tier to continue their custom protocol for root cause approach and reversal of chronic concerns & optimization of full systems for optimal health and disease prevention. 
    • Dr. Madeira will place you into your appropriate tier during your Graduation Consultation in month 6 of your 6-month program.
    The Intensive tier: $450 per month for 3 months


    1 hour with the Doctor & 1-hour with the Health Coach alternating months, if support is needed on the month when I am not seeing them and the health coach is then we can have a consultation with Dr. Madeira.
    The Non-intensive tier: $250 / month for 3 months.
    Every other month consultations then you will have a health coach for 30-minutes.
    • Consultations:

      1st Half of patient maintenance program:

      • 1 in-person office visit with Dr. Madeira per year.
      • Optional: Health coach 30 minutes with a health coach (if needed) in the first 6 months.

      2nd half of patient maintenance program

      • #1 30-minute visit with Dr. Madeira via Zoom video.
      • Optional: 1-hour consultation with the health coach.